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School children at Eastfield Primary School in Hull were delighted to be asked to design the 2016 Christmas card for the company that keep their school clean and tidy.

ICS Cleaning, part of SPS Group Services, who have a long standing business relationship with the school off Anlaby High Road, asked if they would allow a set of their children to design their 2016 business Christmas card.

Delighted with the challenge, the three Year 3 classes set to work to create their colourful Christmas designs and this week the winners were shown their pictures now adorning the Christmas cards.

Eastfield has three classes in Year 3 so a winner was picked from each class. Bradley, Emily and Victoria are pictured here with their classmates who all received a chocolate selection box for entering.

The winners received gift vouchers and the school received £100 to put towards arts and crafts equipment.

ICS Cleaning has worked with Eastfield Primary School since 2013 providing cleaning services.

Chris Turner, Managing Director, commented: “We were delighted with all the wonderful entries from the children. It was hard to choose, that’s why in the end we picked a winner from each class.

“Thank you to all of the children who took part. It is great to maintain strong links with all of our clients and we hope the prizes are a really positive give back to Eastfield Primary School.

Bradley, Emily and Victoria’s designs are now adorning hundreds of SPS Group Christmas cards hot footing it into the post for the festive season.