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Whichever sector your business operates in, whether your business property is a warehouse, office, factory or retail unit, property is usually the most valuable asset a company owns. Protecting it is the same as protecting your business.

There are various ways to secure a property and prevent assets from being stolen or vandalised.

Assess the Risk

Deciding on the best way to secure your business property can depend on several factors which will be specific to your business. Assessing the risk of each factor is vital to securing your business property effectively.

  • Crime rates in your area. What is the most common type of crime in your locality?
  • Your current security systems. Does your current system need an update?
  • Who needs access to your property? Is there anyone besides the people in your company?
  • What assets are contained within your property? Are there specific areas which contain more assets than others?
  • What and where are the weaknesses within your property?
  • What is your budget for security?

Create an Effective Security Plan

For maximum effectiveness, every business should implement a security plan. SPS Security are experts in creating plans which have been designed specifically to meet the requirements of any business concerned about security. Our plans incorporate a number of our core security services to provide a fully trained team who will act as a visible deterrent, one of the most effective measures to ensure the protection of your premises, assets and personnel.

Whether you’re looking for Mobile Patrol Security for a warehouse facility or you require professionals to monitor CCTV 24 hours at a busy corporate office, our security plans are designed around our client’s specific needs.

Adapting the Property

It’s possible that your business property may need adapting to properly meet your security requirements. A call to SPS Security can take care of this, we will visit your property to ensure that its perimeter is adequately secure, it has optimal outdoor lighting and the correct security systems are all in place to help protect your business.

Security Cameras

Installing a CCTV system is a very effective method of providing added security and in terms of budget, represents a great investment. An up-to-date CCTV system will help observe all areas of the building at once, even if your property is very large and enables businesses to have their security controlled from one place. Working as a visible deterrent, security cameras make it easier to investigate a variety of issues and can provide peace of mind for employees and visitors.

For a CCTV system to function properly, it is vital that the system is designed to provide as close to 100% coverage around your building as possible. Our sister company, SPS Technical, are experts in installing and maintaining a range of CCTV systems, whatever the size or purpose of your property.

Intruder Alarms

For business security, intruder alarms are essential in terms of risk management and crime prevention.

Of course, we all know it’s possible to recoup some of the losses that crime can cost a business through insurance. For example, if a computer is stolen, insurance will cover the cost of the actual computer (the primary cost), as well as secondary costs, such as damage sustained to the building. However, without an effective intruder alarm this can be difficult. Many insurance companies require a business to have an up-to-date security system in place when considering a claim.

Access Control

What is access control? It’s a little more than physical door locks these days and can incorporate a number of new technologies, multiple entry points and integrate with other security systems such as CCTV and Intruder Alarms. Its purpose is to allow authorised people access to specific areas whilst placing restrictions for others and protecting against unwanted visitors.

In most cases, access is controlled via a control panel and some form of centralised locking facility. These systems can be simple or complex, but the solution should always provide authorised persons easy passage around the building.

Access control systems can also act a valuable management tool by incorporating additional features such as time and attendance functions, integration with payroll systems, car park management and even vending machines.

Security Monitoring

Criminals want to avoid confrontation. They’re often seeking quick and easy rewards with minimal effort and risk. The presence of people is one of the greatest deterrents a business can employ. It immediately puts barriers up that any criminal will be keen to avoid. On-site security monitoring by staff is a great way to reduce your risk of being targeted.

However, not all businesses are large enough to warrant a full-time member of security, not least a handful, if you require 24-hour surveillance.

In this circumstance, SPS Security can perform regular checks on your premises outside of operating business hours. This cuts costs while ensuring regular attendance to your building by individuals: a guaranteed deterrent, and a boost to security.

Would You Like More Info?

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