A description of the sectors we currently provide security services to and a brief summary of how we provide a customised service to each one.

SPS Security Services offer a range of standalone and integrated security services for schools.

Student and staff safety are paramount in the school environment and the security processes, procedures and systems all play an important role in that. There is a fine-line between complete lock-down and sensible security practices that provide a suitable environment for staff and pupils to work in that’s conducive to learning.

We understand the education sector and are aware that your premises can operate well into the evening as a result of hosting out-of-hours clubs, society gatherings and meetings. Your premises are often left open – and are therefore vulnerable – for longer periods of time, with many after-hours visitors deriving from the wider community.

Often, the absence of reception staff at these times means that even unwanted or unauthorised visitors are able to come and go as they please, in turn placing both the buildings and your valuable equipment at risk.
Assuming there is suitable fencing around your establishment, controlling access at the school main gate is probably the most important and easily achieved security measure. Checking on all those entering via this point will make the overall security much easier to control.

The threats to security and safety are wide-ranging and include vulnerability to arson, unwanted intruders, theft, bullying, graffiti, attacks on staff, pupils and visitors.

SPS Security Services can provide a security solution for you either on a permanent basis, school time only, or out-of-hours. All security needs differ: from security officers to alarm response and random mobile patrol services. We look at tailoring our service to your individual requirements.

You could also look to our technical division which design and install a wide variety of school security systems, including intruder alarms and door-entry systems. We also design, install and monitor fully integrated CCTV systems for schools. In school hours, we can provide continuous on-site monitoring and recording through each camera, creating a fully secure environment.

After hours, operators controlling the cameras at our 24-hour remote video monitoring Control Centre can spot any unwelcome intruders and either warn them off via loudspeaker, send a highly-trained officer or call the police, hence providing an excellent deterrent service.
If you’d like some advice on any security aspect for your school, then please call us and we’ll be happy to advise you.

Here are some of our top tips which will improve your school security:
• Restrict access to playgrounds outside of the arrival/departure windows.
• Have a single entrance path to the school during main school hours.
• Lock Computer and TV equipment away outside of school hours and use Kensington locks so they’re not easily removed when in-situ.
• Keep bins in a locked compound away from the school to reduce fire risk and prevent them being used to access low flat roofs.
• Create a checklist and do the rounds once a week looking for vulnerable areas and checking that procedures are being followed.
• Communicate your security policies and procedures with parents, so they’re aware too.

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