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Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, businesses have been forced to adapt to a rapidly changing world. While the outlook for a great number of companies is increasingly uncertain, the need to protect valued assets and secure facilities remains crucial. Regardless of which market a business operates in, whether it’s healthcare, construction, retail, industrial, transportation or education, protecting the people and assets responsible for providing vital services has never been more essential in keeping society functioning and most importantly, healthy.

With this in mind, developing a comprehensive security plan which incorporates a variety of factors should be a priority. When drawing up a plan, best practices will need to be examined depending on the size of property and type of organisation. Consequently, the following considerations should be taken into account:

  • The prevention of overcrowding within public spaces
  • Maintaining a balance between physical security of valued assets now and providing a structure for investment into ‘post-pandemic’ security services
  • Modernising out-of-date security systems
  • Preserving the privacy of your employees and the general public
  • Ensuring data and information remain secure

Dividing and compartmentalising key areas into sections are fast becoming standard practice for the majority of businesses, along with limiting access points and providing sealed off areas for workers to safely put on protective equipment.

With these measures in place, assets are being protected beyond the usual physical security services typically offered by a security company. New protocols may be extended further as the need to control entry/exit points and occupancy limits develop with the implementation of new technology such as real-time tracking systems. This is particularly true for any business which hosts events or large gatherings of people, which will most likely have to rethink its entire operation to reduce the number of people in close proximity.

Dealing with this radical shift in approach to securing a business will take a great deal of planning and understanding of the latest methodologies to mitigate any current or potential/future threats. The challenge of developing such a plan could represent a significant obstacle for a number of businesses.

With rapidly changing health and safety concerns, physical security is fundamental going forward into what looks to an uncertain future. SPS Security are supporting clients now with virtual meetings to create updated security plans which are specific to their needs. If you would like more information on our security services, please get in touch for a free consultation. Contact us today on 01482 226570 or fill out our simple form (here).