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A CCTV system with remote access allows your site to be monitored off site at the SPS Central Monitoring Station. An alarm will be dealt with by our team of fully qualified CMS staff who are trained to deal with any incidents. Alarms are received from sites when the system is armed, disarmed, lost connection or in the event of camera failure.

Every incident received is viewed and dealt with accordingly by means of either:

  • PA Audio Broadcast.
  • The tracking of the intruders with the use of fully functional dome cameras.
  • Immediate dispatch of the police.
  • An SPS patrol response.

The sequence of events in a typical incident takes place as follows:

  1. Intruder enters site.
  2. External motion detector is activated as intruder passes.
  3. Detector triggers an alarm on our transmission software which is then communicated to control room with a real time video stream of related camera footage and previous images five seconds before and after.
  4. The SPS shift operator processes the alarm activation and follows procedures on the SPS CMS platform.
  5. A PA system can be used to warn off intruders (where deemed necessary by the customer).
  6. After the cause of activation has been determined the process is as follows:
    • The alarm is closed, details are logged in the alarm report on screen if the cause cannot be determined.
    • Authorities are dispatched immediately if intruders are visually seen to be damaging property or breaking in.
    • SPS rapid response vehicles are dispatched to investigate the activation further if cause for concern is apparent. Normally under these circumstances a person has been seen on camera but since disappeared from view.

Our Central Monitoring Station also supports intruder, fire monitoring and access remote gate/door control.