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The introduction of technology such as Partner Tuff® has enabled SPS Security to deliver front line security information to clients instantly.

Designed to assist frontline security personnel, Partner Tuff® can record the time, date and location of each visit undertaken by a security officer. Additionally, it can record incidents and activities in real-time using an app on a ruggedised Android smartphone or tablet to review the information and reports.

The technology gives the security officers the ability to upload a variety of media such as photos, text and audio recordings. Additionally, the user can view events in real-time from any web browser and generate detailed reports automatically which can then be sent to contract managers and customers.

The system can provide the real-time GPS location of our officers and map out patrol routes to ensure that patrols are carried out effectively – highlighting any improvements needed.

Dan Little, SPS Security Operations Manager, explained: “We introduced Partner Tuff around 5 years ago and are currently working with sites to roll features to assist them during the COVID-19 outbreak. Security officers are able to secure a large area safely and quickly, gathering important security data as they progress. We’ve been able to adapt throughout the current situation to ensure the patrol process is running as efficiently as possible, covering larger areas when needed and sticking to the guidelines from Public Health England.”