Gatehouse Security

Gatehouses are the first port of call for entry into many industrial areas, residential areas and business parks.

Our gatehouse security services limit access to your premises, permitting employees and designated visitors only.


All of our gatehouse security officers operate within our client’s code of practice and we will tailor our service to suit your requirements. Our security officers will carry out a variety of duties including identification and vehicle checks, as well as keeping access and egress records and provide the appropriate greeting to your visitors.

If necessary our gatehouse security staff can also perform extra checks, such as spot checks, vehicle and handbag searches and the issuing of visitor passes.

Trained and skilled officers whether site-specific or a generic assignment can be in charge of all gatehouse duties including reception, booking in and out of site, fire register, delivery of Health & Safety inductions, delivery space management, management of hired equipment, visitor management, site passes and communications coordination.