Protecting Our Clients

As you all know, we are currently in an unprecedented situation due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Many of our clients businesses rely on interactions with the general public and it is very important that everyone understands how to avoid catching or spreading the virus. Equally, it is also crucial that our clients understand the steps we are undertaking to help keep everyone safe.

Throughout the outbreak our managers have been in daily communication with all our employees, reminding them about the importance of following the guidelines set out by Public Health England, particularly if they feel unwell.

We have implemented an SMS text messaging platform to communicate to our employees en masse with additional measures in place for our 24 hour control room and mobile response team. The SMS service is being used to convey updated information on the current situation and to reinforce good hygiene practices.

We are also working with suppliers through our sister company ICS Cleaning Ltd to source approved disinfectant supplies, protective PPE and have protocols in place to activate deep cleans. ICS Cleaning have implemented new disinfection services which include:


As the situation evolves, we will continue to review our business continuity plans in line with advice from WHO, UK GOV and the NHS and actively monitor the situation through our daily meeting and our newly formed SPS Taskforce Team which is led by our Company Directors.

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